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Taxi & Car Rental

There are numerous Car and Motorbike rental companies in town. Also many Limo services. For price setting in general:

Motorbikes (small  Honda Click type of bike)

per day: 150-250 Baht &  per month 2500-3500 Baht

Cars (Sedan style Honda City or Toyota Vios)

Per day: 900-1200 Baht & Per month 17.000-22.000 Baht.

Mini Vans (Toyota Hi-Ace, Commuter style for 4-10 persons)

per day: 2500 Baht & per Month 35.000 Baht.

Some companies also can supply a driver with the car, a driver will cost you roughly 1000-1500 Baht per day extra.

Airport Pickups

Most companies charge around 1500 Baht for a luxury Sedan & 2500 Baht for a Mini Van.

note: prices above are just very rough estimates.


Limo Services

Limo Services

A quick list of some of the Limo Services in Town.   Pattaya Limo: Luxury transportation between Airports, Hotels and Resorts. We are flexible and strive to provide the best...Read more... »

Car Rentals

Car Rentals

Many car rental companies in Pattaya. Most will give you a car if you show an International Driving Licence, and pay a damage deposit. Some of the bigger international companies (Avis & Budget)...Read more... »



The word Songthaew in Thai means "two rows", and is the most easy way to get around in town. Its a converted pickup with a 2 row bench seating and is used as a shared open taxi.   It...Read more... »

Motorbike Taxi’s

You see them on every corner, very convient, for both locals and tourists. Rates have to be negotiated, but common MotorBike taxi's not overcharge, and say direct the 'going' rate for a certian...Read more... »

Big Bike Rentals

Yes, 'Big Bikes' can also be rented for a...Read more... »

Motorcycle Rentals

Everywhere in town you will see them parked on the roadside. Motorcycles for rent signs. Motorcycles are a convient way of transport, helmet is...Read more... »


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